Welcome to Joomla!

John's tips to help you build a great, Joomla! powered website

Site Basics Videos

It's important to get the basics down.  These short videos walk you through the Joomla fundamentals.

01 - Logging into the Site Admin

Once you have Joomla installed, you're ready to start building your site.  This video looks at how to log in to the site administrative control panel and gives an overview of the options there.

05 - Adding photos and graphics to articles

Photos and graphics make your web pages more interesting to read and add real value to your content.  This tutorial show you how to add photos and graphics to Joomla articles.

08 - Using the Joomla Contacts component

Joomla makes it easy to manage the "contact us" part of your website, including built in "send an email to this contact" functions.  This video shows you how to set up your contact categories (you will need at least one) and individual contact items.

09 - Creating a menu link to the contacts components

Once you have a contact category (or categories) set up, and you have added some contact records, you need to set up a menu item to show the contacts component.  This video walks you through the process of setting that up.

11 - Changing to a different template

Part of the fun of Joomla is trying different templates.  Since the template controls the basic "look and feel" of your website, they have a dramatic influence on how your site appears.  This video shows you how to change from one template to another.

12 - Customizing Templates

Once you decide on a template, you often need to do some "customization" of the template.  Many of these customizations can be done by making changes to the template "settings" or "parameters." This video gives a very brief introduction to some of the most common template settings.

13 - Adding new features to Joomla through extensions

Joomla is built as an "open" system and new features can be added to your website through the use of "extensions." This video introduces the topics of extensions and shows you how to find and install an extension.

14 - Adding a New Template

There are literally thousands of templates available for your Joomla site.  Some are junk.  Others are beautiful.  Some are free, others are purchased.   This video shows you how to install a new template onto your site.