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Changing the text of messages in Joomla

I recently answered a question on the Joomla forum that had a quick and easy answer.

The Question 

Question was:  "I just want to customized the 'Thank you for your e-mail' message you get after sending an email with joomla form.?

The Answer 

Fortunately, this question had a very easy answer:

The text of this message is part of the Joomla language file, and you can easily change it.

To edit the language file, go to Site -> Language Manager -> Site Languages.

Click on <English> (or whatever language you are using).  This will load the language file into your editor.

Scroll down until you see the following line:

DEFINE('_THANK_MESSAGE','Thank you for your e-mail');

Simply change those words to whatever you want.  So, for example:

DEFINE('_THANK_MESSAGE','Thank you for sending us a message.  We will be back in touch with you very soon.');

Watch your quotes / single quotes carefully.

Once you have changed the message, simply save the file and the next time, that message will be displayed.

Extending the Answer 

There are a lot of Joomla's standard messages that can be customized here.

If there is a page with no articles on it, Joomla says "There are no items to display."   You can simply remove that message be editing it out in the language file.

There are a lot of messages in Joomla that can be easily customized by editing the Language File.  Take a look around there.  You might find something you'd like to customize.  But, watch those single quote marks!