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FAQ Videos

Here are some short video tutorials that answer some Joomla frequently asked questions.

02 How to change the look of your Joomla site

The "look" of a Joomla website is basically determined by "templates."  This video looks at how to change the template your website uses, and how to upload and activate a new template.


03 How to Install Joomla with Fantastico - Video

Many web hosting services offer "one click" Joomla installers.  One of the most common installer is called "Fantastico" and it will install many different web applications, with Joomla being one of them.

If your webhost offers "Fantastico" you may find this video helpful as it gives a quick overview of the process.

05 How to make a logo transparent

I was recently involved in a discussion on the Joomla forum that involved matching a logo with the gradient color of the template heading.   The problem?  The logo had a solid black background, but the template had a nice grey gradient background.

This short tutorial shows how I modified the logo to give it a transparent background.


06 How to move a Joomla site from one folder to another on the same server

In this 2 part video series, we walk through the process of moving a Joomla site from one folder to another on the same server.  It is not uncommon to develop a site in a folder and then move it to the root of the domain when the site is done.  The process is surprisingly easy using an FTP program and 2 simple changes to  your Global Configuration.

How to convert an old HTML website to a Joomla powered site

Recently a forum user asked for help converting an older "static" HTML website (made with MS Word) to Joomla, so after giving some pointers to some basic "how to use Joomla" documents and tutorials, I put together a series of short videos as a quick example of how to start this process. I used the real website, and it took a total of about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Turning on extended editing tools with the default Joomla editor

The default text editor that comes with Joomla is called the TinyMCE editor.  Although I prefer an alternative editor called JCE, TinyMCE isn't bad.  Especially if you turn on some of the more extended features.    This short video shows  you how to turn on these features and get more out of the default Joomla editor.